Chapter 173

Usually, it was Rooney who initiated the violence, but today, she found herself slapped by Hubert. Having been hit at the Chateau Hotel tonight and now again, Rooney could not stand it anymore and immediately lunged to scratch Hubert’s face. Suddenly, there was a sound from the ruins in front of the villa. A ragged Nash helped Harrison up, and then the two found Herman, who was charred from the rubble. “Quick... The stretcher…” Mr. Dean shouted at several of the nurses. They immediately ran over with the stretcher. Many of the injured were losing too much blood and needed to be rushed to the hospital for a transfusion. The hospital simply did not have enough ambulances, so Jupiter asked his team to use patrol cars to transport the wounded. ... It was three o’clock in the morning at Jonford People’s Hospital. Mr. Dean called over all the attending physicians to treat the injured Lewises. Herman had burns covering more than 90% of his body, multiple organ failure, and symptom

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