Chapter 174

More than a dozen doctors kept their heads low in silence. Apart from those who were outside the villa, the lightly wounded bodyguards managed to scrape through with their lives. The Lewises who were in the villa, however, had a large amount of toxins in their blood and were already suffering from severe poisoning on the way to the hospital. Despite employing all sorts of resuscitation methods, they were unable to save their lives. Governor Jade called for an emergency meeting using the hospital’s office. Nash also attended this meeting. Mr. Dean was the one reporting on the casualties of the Lewis family members. “Hubert's and Harrison’s families are all safe! Herman is in a coma from severe injuries, and it’s estimated he won’t survive until tomorrow morning! “All other members of the Lewis family have died! “29 of the Lewises’ hired bodyguards have also died!” The faces of everyone in the meeting room were heavy. Jade slammed the table in anger. “This is a premeditated vi

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