Chapter 175

“Hold on…” Just as they were about to escort Angelica out, Nash suddenly spoke up. The two male patrollers paused slightly, then looked toward Henderson. Henderson was also confused, but he did not dare to defy Nash and gestured for the two to let go. Nash looked at the sealed bag in Angelica’s hand and asked, “Did you find it at the Lewis family's estate?” Angelica gratefully glanced at Nash and then nodded while saying, “Yes... This is a highly explosive black-tech detonator. Although small in size, it’s extremely powerful, and it also contains highly toxic substances!” Henderson’s face turned pale almost instantly, and he stammered anxiously, “W-Why did you bring this here? Get it out of here…” Bringing such a dangerous object into the conference room was disastrous. If it exploded, they would all be killed on the spot. He had already made up his mind to fire Angelica after the meeting. Angelica quickly explained, “This detonator is damaged. It won’t explode…” She would na

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