Chapter 177

Henderson nodded and said, “I’ll contact the relevant department tomorrow. With the cooperation of the armed department, capturing Sky Blade will be a piece of cake!” Hearing this, Angelica quickly replied, “We currently don’t have direct evidence proving the explosion is related to Sky Blade. If we start a war with them now, it'll only lead to more deaths!” Others might not know the strength of Sky Blade, but she was fully aware. Sky Blade was equipped with illegal advanced technology and weaponry. If a battle broke out, there would undoubtedly be massive casualties. Nash also spoke up, saying, “I wouldn’t advise you to engage with Sky Blade before the truth is uncovered!” The fighting power of mercenary groups was very formidable. With an array of advanced technology and weaponry, a hundred-man team could withstand a force of a thousand. Jade said to Henderson, “Let’s follow Mr. Calcraft’s advice. You guys should quickly find out who the culprit of the bombing incident is and br

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