Chapter 178

Seeing that her daughter was a little angry, Rooney shut her mouth and stopped talking. Nash quickly walked into the ICU ward with light steps. The two chief doctors who were looking after Herman left the ward. On the hospital bed, Herman was unrecognizable. Two oxygen tubes ran directly from his nose into his throat, and the line on the heart rate monitor next to him was extremely weak. His eyes were dull, and he could not see anything now. Hearing footsteps approaching, he asked hoarsely, “Is... Is that you, Nashy?” His voice was very faint. If it were not for Nash’s exceptional hearing, he might not have heard him clearly. Nash dragged a chair over, sat down, and held Herman’s dry hand, gently saying, “It’s me…” Herman was overwhelmed with excitement and said, “Nashy... I remember... I remember everything…” Due to his excitement, there was piercing pain from the burns all over his body. Herman grimaced and said, “It hurts... It hurts... Can you help me with the pain?” See

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