Chapter 179

The family was one of Jonford’s Five Elites, a business titan. Their assets were worth over ten billion. With this deal completed, how could the boss not give out bonuses? ... In the ICU unit, upon hearing that Nash was about to marry Hera, Herman was so moved that tears streamed from the corners of his eyes. Faintly, through the tears, he seemed to see a blurry bright light. “Grandpa, what exactly is Young Family Village? “Who were my parents? “Why did they offend the Kleins? “And why did the Kleins exterminate the entire Young Family Village?” Nash took the chance to voice all the doubts in his heart. The old man slightly parted his burnt lips, took a breath, and then slowly said, “The Youngs were a family of grave robbers... They were an ancient family that was around since ancient times. Others often said that they were so rich that they could rival a country. A hundred years ago, the Youngs had already accumulated a wealth of a billion taels of silver. “A hundred years

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