Chapter 180

Nash, dressed in his wedding attire, came outside the ICU and got a set of needles from Dr. Yarbrough. Then, he inserted 13 needles into 13 points on the old man’s body. The flatline began to fluctuate slightly. Moments later, Herman gasped for air once again. Ten minutes later, Hera, who was dressed in a red wedding dress and a red veil, arrived outside the ICU with Olivia's help. In the hall, everyone was silently watching Herman’s ward. “Make way... Make way…” At that moment, a young man with a crew cut in a white shirt pushed through the crowd. He was the owner of the wedding company. He took out two ring boxes and handed them to Olivia. “Ms. Olivia, these are colored diamond wedding rings that I got from Golden Circle’s boss by pulling out all the stops. There’s only one pair in the world... and the price…” When the price was mentioned, the young man showed an awkward smile on his face. The rings were worth 120 million, but he did not know how to bring it up to Olivia.

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