Chapter 181

"We, Nash Calcraft and Hera Lewis, are ever grateful to have been allowed the chance to meet each other!" the young lad shouted loudly. Nash and Hera repeated the words while facing the hospital bed. "Due to special circumstances, I invite the bride and groom to pay their respects to Mr. Lewis! "We thank him for his love that's as vast as the ocean." Hera could not stop crying. She closed her eyes and lowered her head humbly. There was no expression on Nash's face. He followed Hera solemnly and lowered his head to the old man. "Our gratitude to him is as heavy on our shoulders as a mountain! "Finally, we wish him the greatest happiness!" The old man was almost at the end of his life, which was also a blessing. No one thought it was improper. When Harrison and his wife heard these words, tears instantly fell from their eyes. The makeup on Hera's face had run with her tears. "Now, the bride and groom will face each other and say their vows. They will promise to stay toge

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