Chapter 182

"Dad…" Harrison and Lauren immediately ran to the bed. Hubert and his family did the same. After a moment, cries and wails sounded from the ward. … In an enormous luxurious private estate in Capiton that was comparable to ten ordinary communities, the tallest villa there was nine stories high. The sky was bright. A thin figure wearing a smiling mask jumped directly from the ground to the balcony on the ninth floor. The old man with silver hair lying on the luxurious big bed in the bedroom suddenly opened his eyes. The man with the smiling mask sat on a chair in the bedroom, his deep pupils locked on the old man who was looking at him. The old man frowned slightly. "Smiling Grim Reaper?" "You went too far in Jonford!" The man's voice was dull but unusually clear with a faint hint of anger. The old man responded lightly, "It's not your place to intervene in the Klein family's affairs, no?" The man's figure flickered before appearing in front of the old man in the blink of

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