Chapter 184

Hera closed her mouth and shook her head vigorously. "Hey now, be good,” Nash said again in a gentle tone. His deep and absolutely magnetic voice made Hera's heart beat a little faster. Seeing the man's serious expression, she opened her mouth. Outside the villa, inside the Royal Bay district, Skadi and Bianca looked at the luxurious villas around them with envious expressions on their faces. "Skadi, your grandfather is the head of the Martial Arts Association. He should be qualified to buy a villa in Royal Bay, right?" Bianca asked curiously. "He is, but our family doesn't have that much money!" Skadi pouted. "When I get the Golden Belt, I’ll also buy a villa in Royal Bay!" Bianca said with firm eyes. With the Golden Belt, she would become a well-known presence in boxing. With that fame, she would be able to live off her commercial endorsements, and at the same time, she would also be eligible to buy a villa in Royal Bay. The two arrived at the door of Hera's villa as they we

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