Chapter 185

Jupiter complained, "This district is huge. We’ve been looking for your villa for half an hour. If I hadn’t shown your ID at the sales office and inquired about your residence, we might have ended up looking for even longer.” Hera immediately asked, "Captain Holt, have you found the perpetrator?” The Inspection Department had set up a special operations brigade for the Lewis family's estate case. Jupiter was the captain while Angelica was the vice-captain. Three days had passed, so they must have made progress in the case. Jupiter shook his head and said, "We haven't found any clues yet, but the Sky Blade Group dispatched a dozen of their staff of Somerese descent to Jonford!" His expression was serious when he said that. Then, he continued, "We’re still unsure of their reason for leaving Jonford, so we plan to deploy some police forces to Harrison's and Hubert's homes!" Hera turned pale when she heard that. "A-Are they going to continue to attack us? Just what did we do to offen

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