Chapter 186

The governor’s nephew, a soldier of the Southern Region territory. These two identities were indeed somewhat difficult to handle. Nash led the two of them into the villa. "Maria, please help me make a pot of coffee!" Maria had temporarily lost her job after the Lewis family's estate was no more. Since Adam was the senior legal advisor of Baroque and Rococo, Hera decided to hire her as their maid at Royal Bay in an effort to take care of his family. "Ah, alright!” Maria responded and went to make tea. "Captain Holt, please take a seat wherever you like,” Nash said to them as he took his own seat. The two of them had never seen such a luxurious villa before and felt uncomfortable just sitting on the sofa. "Do you have any detailed information about Wesley?" Nash asked. "Wesley, 35 years old. He joined the army at the age of 18 and was assigned to the Southern Region at the age of 23. At 28, more than ten of his teammates were killed in a bombing battle due to his misjudgment. He

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