Chapter 187

There were students from nearby universities, migrant workers from construction sites, and some brightly dressed white-collar workers. In front of the counter, a bearded man with a toothpick in his mouth was collecting the bills. He used his left hand to receive the money. Jupiter took out a wallet and rummaged through it before finding a photo and handing it to Nash. "This is a photo of Wesley in his 20s.” The young man in the photo was wearing a pressed military uniform. He had delicate features, a resolute expression, and a fierce look in his eyes. Looking at the bearded man in front of the counter, he had a fat face, a slovenly appearance, and dull eyes. When Angelica saw the people in the restaurant eating so deliciously, her stomach growled. She blushed from embarrassment. Smiling, Nash said, "You haven't eaten yet. Let me treat you to a meal. I come here often, and their food’s pretty good.” Angelica looked at Nash in disbelief. The Lewises were people with hundreds of

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