Chapter 188

There was a snap, and the bearded man threw the clipboard in his hand on the table before asking coldly, "Are you here for dinner or what? If you're here to look for trouble, then you've come to the wrong place!" "Kale, what's going on?" The proprietor's wife came over after placing a steaming bowl of fish stew on a table. "Oh, Mr. Calcraft is here." When the old woman saw Nash, an excited smile appeared on her face. Seeing the sour expression on the bearded man's face, she hurriedly said, "Kale, this is a friend of Dr. Tanner's. He even had dinner with the richest man of Jonford in our restaurant!" "I see." The bearded man picked up the clipboard from the table and limped toward the kitchen. "He's my nephew. He accidentally broke his leg while climbing a tree when he was young and grew up with a bad temper. You don't have to lower yourself to his level, Mr. Calcraft," the old woman said apologetically. "It's okay. I'd like to invite the proprietor to have a few drinks with m

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