Chapter 189

When the proprietor heard the name 'Wesley,' his face turned pale. A smile slowly appeared on the corners of Jupiter's mouth. "Wesley, do you still want to argue?" "I told you, I'm Kale, not Wesley." Kale's voice was cold. "I'll definitely report you for abusing your power!" Angelica cursed, "Damn this stubborn fool." Nash sighed. "Let him go. He's not Wesley." Jupiter and Angelica were startled when they heard that. Who was he kidding? It was obvious from the proprietor's expression as well as Kale's that he was Wesley. Yet, Nash actually asked them to release Kale? "Captain Holt, if he's really Wesley, do you think a man in his 40s and a trainee inspector who has just joined the team will be able to catch him?" Jupiter frowned. What Nash said was not unreasonable. More than a dozen senior inspectors used to monitor Wesley, yet he managed to escape all the same. He even strangled three of them. At 35 years old, Wesley was in his prime. He was definitely not someone Jupi

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