Chapter 190

Nash sighed. "Let's sit down and talk. I hope you can tell us the truth. Otherwise, Jade and Henderson will also be implicated for helping you." It was because of Jade's help that they had gotten rid of Wesley's affiliation to his family, thus avoiding the Inspection Department. If everyone accountable was pursued, Jade would definitely be investigated. The old man, Walker, nodded with tears in his eyes. "It's rather noisy in the restaurant. Let's talk at my house." The restaurant's backyard was their house's front yard. Old Walker led them into the living room of the house he was renting for cheap before scurrying about to serve them water. Nash looked at Kale, who was in handcuffs, and said, "Captain Holt, why don't you uncuff him?" Jupiter hesitated. "This kid practices—" Nash smiled. "It's okay, I'll step up if he tries anything." Jupiter had heard about Nash being a Golden Amulet Master, so nothing should happen with him here. With that, he took out the key and uncuffed K

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