Chapter 191

Who the hell was he that his one gaze was able to constrict his breathing? Jupiter and Angelica also felt an inexplicable chill. Angelica looked around and realized that the air conditioner was not turned on in the room. Jupiter swallowed hard. He knew… that Nash was the one who released this murderous aura. This murderous aura was infinitely stronger than that of Wesley's, who had fought on the battlefield. Nash said slowly, "I'll give you one last chance. If you continue with your stubbornness, then don't blame me for what I'll do." As a top killer, he could control his emotions very well. With the Lewis family's tragedy, he might seem calm on the surface when, in fact, the murderous intent in his heart was almost uncontrollable. His releasing it a little was enough to tear Kale's liver and gallbladder apart. Seeing that Nash was a little angry now, Old Walker yelled at Kale with tears in his eyes, "Kale, please tell them quickly." Nash was a friend of Walter, and that m

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