Chapter 193

He frowned when he realized there was no signal on his phone. He looked up at the table in front of him just as Jupiter was also looking at him. The two of them locked eyes briefly, and both knew then that the other was no ordinary person. Jupiter lowered his head and played his cards so as not to reveal himself. "A pair of eights!" At the same time, he developed a hypothesis of who the other person was. His speech carried a slight accent. He was muscular and wore men's shoes that had hidden blades. The shoes had an opening the thickness of a coin where the knives came out from. He was from the Sky Blade Group. Jupiter took a deep breath and then urged impatiently, "Could you guys make it quick? I really need the toilet!" The men understood what he meant and quickly played their cards while Jupiter clutched his stomach and went outside. The signal jammer’s coverage area was rather large, so Jupiter had to go farther away to make calls. Three minutes after Jupiter left the

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