Chapter 194

Outside Sagen Airport, just when Angelica turned on her phone and was about to book a taxi service, she saw a text message from Holt's team. She immediately informed Nash about Jupiter. "We must find Wesley before Sky Blade's men!" Nash said solemnly. "They shouldn't be able to find Bronze Town, right?" Angelica looked at Nash in surprise and said. Bronze Town was the place Nash found out after seeing the photo of Wesley's first love and girlfriend in Walker's home. Those from Sky Blade definitely would not be able to think of it. Nash raised his hand and called for a taxi. "Then you might not understand the power of these top mercenaries. If they can find the restaurant, they'll definitely be able to find out where Wesley is hiding!" One taxi came to a stop by the side of the road. Nash got into the car. After getting in next to Nash, Angelica said, "With Holt's team around, those mercenaries won't be able to get close to Old Walker and the others so easily!" Nash smiled bu

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