Chapter 195

"Then I'm the governor of Sagen!" The conductor obviously did not believe the young beauty to be the deputy chief of the Inspection Department. It was not only him as even Nash did not believe it. Felicity pinched the conductor's ear, then lifted her leather jacket to reveal her ID card inside it. The conductor's pupils abruptly shrunk. "I… Fuck, a-are you really the deputy chief?" Felicity pushed the conductor down on the table with a smack. "You scalpers are really stubborn. You keep cheating money out of fools. Doesn't it keep you up at night?" Nash turned to look at Angelica. "Am I one of the fools she's talking about?" Angelica gulped. "M-Maybe?" Nash felt momentarily ashamed. If he had not been in a hurry and had not been trying to avoid attention, he would not have chosen to spend 400 dollars on the tickets. "Miss, I slipped up. I won't do it again! You're a kind-hearted woman. You're also powerful, so please just ignore this!" The scalper begged for mercy with a mourn

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