Chapter 196

Felicity had a proud expression. It only took her a year and a half to climb from being a nameless inspector to deputy chief. The erosion of the Green Bamboo Association caused chaos in the major cities in Sagen that they ruled. When she was named deputy chief, she used violence to control violence and personally led the people to suppress the Green Bamboo Association. Now, the people from the Green Bamboo Association avoid her. The only disadvantage was that it was difficult to make her identity public. After all, her methods were rather cruel. Angelica quickly gestured to Felicity to shut up when she heard her increasingly outrageous humiliation towards Nash. "Felice, stop embarrassing Mr. Calcraft. His identity is more than you could imagine..." Felicity snorted and said, "What? Isn’t he just some random director of some random place? You think any random person can have the same talent and power as me?" "He's the sworn brother of the Northern Territory's Warden!" "

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