Chapter 197

Felicity took out her ID card with a sullen expression. "I'm Sagen's Deputy Chief Inspector. I suspect that there is a criminal hidden in this area, please cooperate!" The old man snorted and said, "I don't care if you're the deputy chief. Even if God himself comes, I won't let him in!" Nash and Angelica took a few steps back when they realized how stubborn the old man was. Bang! Felicity shattered a part of the fence with one punch. She grabbed the old man by the collar. The old man frowned and lowered the tobacco pipe in his hand. Felicity lowered her arm and frowned. "I didn't expect you to be a martial artist..." The old man spun the tobacco pipe and swung it towards Felicity's throat. Felicity tilted her head to dodge his attack. The old man stood up and smashed the remainder of the fence with his fist. Felicity reacted by clenching her fist and throwing it at him. Boom! Felicity took several steps back. However, the old man remained motionless. The old man

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