Chapter 198

"S... sure..." When faced with true strength, all rules were in vain. The caretaker hurriedly ran into the cabin and opened the electronic gate to the cemetery. There were a few dim streetlamps along the cemetery. Under the faint light, the cemetery looked rather gloomy. Nash, Angelica, and Felicity walked into the cemetery. They saw several residents of the town kneeling and burning incense in front of ancient tombstones. Felicity turned to look at Angelica and Nash. "Can you find the girl's grave?" Angelica shook her head. "We don't even know her name!" Nash said lightly, "Let's just find a place to hide and wait for Wesley!" The three of them walked deep into the cemetery and hid behind a semicircular-shaped tombstone. Some ordinary people were buried without any valuable items in the graves so they were not worried about being robbed. Nash found some dried weed on the ground, sat on them cross-legged, and closed his eyes to rest. Angelica and Felicit

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