Chapter 199

When Angelica thought of the call Wesley and Kale had, Kale had only hesitated for three seconds before Wesley caught on. Given his level of observation, it was indeed unlikely that he would come to the cemetery. The three of them continued to hide behind the tombstone. The burly man finished burning the offerings and sat in front of the grave to light a cigarette. Then, he took out a bottle of white wine from the bag next to him and drank it. Felicity squinted and said, "What if... he's doing the opposite?" Angelica was slightly taken aback. "What do you mean?" "She means that Wesley probably predicted our plan!" Felicity's words made Nash feel rather uncertain. If Wesley predicted that someone was staking out at the cemetery and figured out their plans, then the person who came to burn the offerings could have been one of Wesley's men. Nash was sure that the person in the dark would have suspected that they knew he was not Wesley. That was only a possibility..

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