Chapter 201

Wesley gritted his teeth in pain when he got thrown to the ground. “Nash…” Felicity turned to the edge of the cliff and yelled. However, all he heard was the echo of her voice. Nash’s arms circled a branch that was jutting out from the sides of the cliff, and about as thick as his arm. He heaved a quiet sigh of relief. He used his arms to brace himself as he swung his feet against the cliff, using the momentum to propel himself upward. He did a front somersault and landed on the edge of the cliff. Felicity got another shock when she saw Nash reappear. “You… aren’t dead?” Nash hurried toward Felicity. “Are you disappointed?” Felicity chuckled. “Yes, just slightly!” Wesley lay on the ground, staring dazedly at the starry sky. Felicity looked at Wesley. “You’re the one who fired the gun, right? You’re Wesley Walker!” Wesley closed his eyes and did not say anything. Nash asked in a low voice, “Who ordered you to assassinate the Lewis family?” Although Nash had alre

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