Chapter 202

“I took those items from Sky Blade Group and brought them with me! “The detonators were also taken from Sky Blade Group! “I also stashed plenty of equipment under my father’s bed! I’ve got top-secret documents belonging to other countries and weapon blueprints! “It’s why the Sky Blade Group wants me captured!” Wesley seemed to have given up putting up a fight and began revealing all his secrets. “What does your employer look like? Any defining features? Where do you guys usually meet?” “We always meet at the Chateau Hotel. I don’t know what he looks like because there’s always a curtain between us!” After Wesley finished his sentence, he shuddered violently. Blood seeped from the corners of his mouth as he choked out, “I… I’ve told you everything I should… Please… please pass my ashes to Jael’s brother… The secrets I’ve told you… should be enough…” Nash swept over to Wesley and grabbed his face, forcing his mouth open. Sure enough, Wesley had hidden a capsule contai

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