Chapter 203

“Felice… you… you live here?” Angelica mumbled dazedly as she stared at the estate that looked even grander than the private estates that the five business magnates of Jonford owned. Felicity chuckled. “Didn’t you already know I was rich when we were still students?” Angelica gulped. “I knew you were rich, but I didn’t know you were this rich!” Families who resided in estates were usually extremely influential. She had always thought Felicity’s family owned a small business and had never imagined her family to be so grand and powerful. “Money is something, but it’s not everything! Nothing to make a big fuss over. Let’s have lunch together!” Felicity brought them to her family’s private dining hall. The dining hall was a massive mansion. Its interiors were decorated even more lavishly than a five-star hotel’s. If you sat by the windows, you would even have a view of the manmade lake. Soon, the Snyder family’s Michelin-star chef finished preparing an entire table’s

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