Chapter 204

Crack! Felicity got up from her seat and made her way toward Caleb, cracking her knuckles as she menacingly said, “You truly are a walking example of spare the rod, spoil the child!” Caleb leaped out of his chair. “Relax, relax, Felicity. I’m going right now…” Felicity’s chest heaved from the intensity of her breaths. One of the middle-aged men who had entered with Caleb said, “Young Miss Felicity… Young Master Caleb’s girlfriend is in trouble!” Felicity scoffed. “Is that so? I wouldn’t have realized if you hadn’t told me anything!” The middle-aged man smiled sadly. It was true Caleb did not seem to care much about the girl. When Felicity realized the middle-aged man was still standing there, she could not help asking, “Which one of his girlfriends were you referring to?” Caleb changed girlfriends often. She was close with about seven or eight of them. Meanwhile, she could not care less about those she did not know very well. “Whitney Yanders!” The middle-aged ma

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