Chapter 205

Smiles appeared on everyone’s faces. Mr. Snyder Sr. smiled. “Why didn’t you tell me you were back home?” Felicity grinned. “I decided at the last minute to invite two of my friends over for lunch!” When Mr. Snyder Sr. heard her response, he groaned. “You invited your friends to have lunch at the dining hall? What will they think of the Snyder family?” Angelica sniffled, her heart racing a mile a minute. The dishes they had at the dining hall were comparable to those served at a five-star hotel. “Ru… Ruby… you’re back?” Suddenly, an old woman whose hair had turned completely white reached a chapped hand out to touch Nash’s cheek, her lips fluttering as she spoke in a wizened voice that trembled. Felicity hurried forward to hold the old lady back. “Grandma, this is Nash, my friend!” “Ruby… don’t get in the way of my Ruby…” The old lady turned and clamped her teeth on Felicity’s shoulder. Felicity gritted her teeth and silently endured the throbbing pain on her shoulde

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