Chapter 206

It had been over twenty years since her grandmother went insane. She would call out to this “Ruby” every time her condition acted up. Felicity had tried asking her parents and other family members. However, they either refused to answer or brush her away. Mr. Snyder Sr. spoke to her solemnly, which was a rare occasion. “Don’t ask questions about things you shouldn’t be asking about. I will tell you when the time is right!” … At Royal Bay, Jonford. Nash informed Hera and her parents that the culprit was now dead. The three hugged and cried tears of joy. Maria dabbed at the tears that had welled in her eyes. Harrison clapped a hand to Nash’s back. “Nashy… you traveled thousands of miles just to catch the murderer, so I’m sure Mr. Lewis will rest easy now!” Nash smiled. “Don’t mention it!” Lauren glanced at Harrison. “Didn’t you say Mr. Lewis had left that box behind for Nash?” “Oh, right…” Harrison picked up a box from the couch and handed it to Nash. “He had been

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