Chapter 209

Hubert glanced carelessly at Harrison and the rest of his family. Meanwhile, Rooney did not even look at them. Harrison had become much more brazen than he had once been, and he strode over to sit on the armchair directly opposite Hubert’s. Lauren, Hera, and Nash sat on the nearby couch. It immediately showcased Harrison and Hubert’s positions in their families. Hubert did not bother beating around the bush. “I wanted to meet you today to talk about the shares father held in Baroque and Rococo… Adam is here today, so let’s get everything settled today!” Harrison said calmly, “Tell me, how do you think things should be distributed…” Hubert turned to Adam. “Mr. Zoel, why don’t you walk them through things…” “Mr. Lewis held forty percent of Baroque Group’s and Rococo Group’s shares respectively. He has seventy-five million dollars in his accounts and permanent right to access the land Lewis estate sits on…” “All I want are the Baroque Group shares. You can have everythin

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