Chapter 210

Nash drove and dropped Harrison and Lauren off at Baroque Group’s headquarters before going to the branch company with Hera. “Nash, you were awesome just now. I was totally in love with you!” Hera linked arms with Nash, an admiring look on her beautiful face. In just a short while, Nash had managed to get the shares back from her uncle. His confident aura had given him full command over her uncle’s family. As for how he could afford to pay two hundred million dollars for the shares… She was too unbothered to ask. He was a platinum member at the Chateau Hotel, a golden amulet master, and McNash, the godfather of the boxing world. Either one of these titles could bring him endless wealth. If he could get his hands on the 7nm photolithography machine, which was marketed with a starting price of one billion, why would it be difficult for him to fork out two hundred million dollars? The two walked into the elevators, and the doors were just about to close when a man in his thi

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