Chapter 211

She knew how important a sense of security was when it came to love! Nash’s lips curled up. He leaned over and gently kissed Hera’s soft lips. Hera wrapped her arms around Nash’s neck and slowly closed her eyes. “Her…” Suddenly, the office door was pushed open. Skadi, dressed in a white martial arts uniform, walked in. Upon seeing the scene before her, she was instantly dumbfounded. She could not believe her eyes… Hera, who had always been pure and innocent like a little lamb, was actually making out in the office? Upon hearing Skadi’s voice, Hera quickly pushed Nash away. Her face turned so red like a ripe apple. Skadi was her close friend and had previously worked in the company, so she could freely enter and leave the company. Regardless of whether she had business or not, she never knocked on Hera’s office door. Now that she saw her kissing Nash, Hera felt incredibly embarrassed. “Uh... Umm... You two... keep going!” Skadi awkwardly smiled and then left the room, closin

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