Chapter 212

“People have challenged us many times, and every time, they’ve left with their tails between their legs! “Sagen's martial arts school lost to us three years ago, and yet they dare to challenge us again... I wonder who gave them the courage!” Skadi lifted her chin with pride, radiating an arrogant demeanor. Hera sighed. “It’s a pity I have a lot on my plate today. Otherwise, I would have gone to cheer you on!” The company was not so busy in the past, so she would always go to cheer them on whenever Zabel Martial Arts School undertook a challenge. Skadi chuckled. “You just focus on your own matters. Seeing you overcome your grief has already made me happy!” Hera turned to Nash. “Why don’t you go and record the event? I can watch it in the evening…” Skadi grinned. “Silly girl, our martial arts school has cameras everywhere. I can just send you the footage later. Nash should stay at the company and help you…” Before she could finish, Skadi’s phone rang from her bag. It was a call

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