Chapter 214

Upon hearing this, Skadi finally realized. These people were here to mock the Hero Martial Arts School. They seemed to believe that the Hero Martial Arts School would lose? Skadi arrogantly said, “If you people are here to make a fool out of us, dream on…” At that moment, an elderly Mediterranean man in a traditional Nihon outfit and wooden clogs stepped down from the bus. His scalp shone brightly in the middle, while white hair flowed down the sides. With a hooked nose and fierce eyes, his face carried an aura of strictness and intensity. As soon as he got off the bus, his gaze fixed on Nash, who was standing by the main entrance of the martial arts school. Nash also lifted his gaze to meet the old man’s. The elder did not emit any obvious aura. Then, there was a subtle glow in the depths of Nash’s pupils, and he discovered a faint movement of true essence in the old man’s belly. This was... the Profound Reality Realm. Plus, it seemed like he was on the verge of forming in

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