Chapter 215

In the end, Hero Martial Arts School’s brewing trouble was caused by Nash. If it were just a normal spar, that would be fine. However, if those Nihon people had other intentions, he would not mind transforming into the Grim Reaper… After the heirs and heiress from the Five Elites took their seats, people from Ihara Martial Arts School walked in. Newi’s cold gaze fixed on Zakariah. “Are you the head of Hero Martial Arts School?” “Yes, I am.” Zakariah replied calmly. Newi bowed slightly. “My apologies.” Zakariah responded with a hand on his heart and a smile, “My apologies.” He then turned to Skadi. “Skade, find a seat for Headmaster Ihara!” Skadi looked around, but there were no extra chairs available. Then, Nash subtly twisted his leather-clad foot. The chair beside him seemed to glide across the ground toward Newi. Newi slowly looked up, placing his hand on the back of the chair. Newi’s robe fluttered as if blown by the wind, and a spider web-like set of tiny cracks appea

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