Chapter 216

Still in shock, Skadi was brought back to her senses by Justin’s voice. She shook her head and replied, “I... I’m not quite sure... It seems... he might be in the Profound Reality Realm too?” Her last few words were spoken very softly, lacking any confidence. Previously at the Zells’ home, she had witnessed both Father Lloyd and Father Cillian treating this man with the utmost respect. Father Lloyd had the strength of a stage nine grandmaster. Anyone who could make him cautious would have to have a level of cultivation surpassing his... Zakariah stood in the center of the martial arts arena, placing his hand on his heart and facing the surrounding audience. He said, “When friends come from afar, is it not a joy? Today, the Ihara Martial Arts School from Sagen and my Jonford Hero Martial Arts School will have a friendly sparring. I hereby warmly welcome everyone!” As soon as he was done talking, a long-haired young man from Ihara Martial Arts School, wearing wooden clogs, stepped

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