Chapter 217

The long-haired young man swallowed his saliva and reluctantly stepped aside. After that, Newi looked at Nash and said, “We'll follow your suggestion.” Hence, the Ihara Martial Arts School replaced their two stage five grandmasters with stage three grandmasters. Nash continued, “The great-grandmaster from the Hero Martial Arts School has a limp. You need to bring someone with a similar physical disadvantage…” Justin, sitting beside the Grand Chair, audibly gasped. The audience remained silent. The heirs and heiresses of the Five Elite Families were also dumbfounded. Were matching martial ranks not enough? Now physical disadvantages were also being considered? The long-haired young man was at the end of his patience. “Grandpa, this guy is simply asking for trouble... Let me teach him a lesson…” Slowly, Newi unsheathed the sword hanging by his waist. Seeing this, Kai and Duncan immediately smirked. As Nash was closely related to the Skyes and had a sworn brother like Phillix

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