Chapter 218

“Attacking his right leg which was just severed would be a dishonorable victory, even if we do win in the end!” Zakariah said with a bitter smile. Being the president of the martial arts association and the head of the Hero Martial Arts School, he primarily promoted martial arts culture. To win with such a low blow would disgrace him if word got out! Nash glanced at Zakariah and chuckled. “Then prepare to shut down!” They were here to cause trouble. Yet the old man was still talking about martial virtue! Even in ancient wars, there was the concept of deceiving the enemy! “Grandpa… at this critical moment, let’s not think about cultural spirit anymore!” Skadi could not stand it anymore and spoke up, her face full of resentment. “No... That’s what they’ll do, but we have to be ourselves. Even if we close the school, I won’t let Kristian lose his martial virtue!” Zakariah stated with a determined look. The Energy Cultivation Realm practitioner from the Ihara Martial Arts Schoo

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