Chapter 219

The martial arts of the Ihara Martial Arts School originated from the ancient martial arts of Somer Nation. Moreover, they were all vicious techniques from deviant factions. In this current age of peace, Somer mostly emphasized physical fitness and self-cultivation. However, the martial arts of the Ihara Martial Arts School were purely lethal techniques. Newi looked at Nash, his eyes filled with a challenging intent. At that moment, a loud noise echoed from the martial arts stage. Kristian’s lame leg was brutally punched by the amputated great-grandmaster. Kristian knelt on one foot while also slapping the injured right leg of the amputated great-grandmaster. The amputated great-grandmaster could not dodge in time, and the inner energy in his right leg was scattered, causing a lot of blood to splatter. With a surge of inner energy, Kristian suddenly rose, his knee striking the amputated great-grandmaster’s chin. Blood flowed from the amputated great-grandmaster’s orifices, an

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