Chapter 220

The long-haired young man suddenly punched Skadi in the chest with his other hand. Skadi’s body arched backward like a shrimp. The back of her white martial arts uniform was blown out, revealing a hole the size of a fist. “Skadi…” Nash's brows furrowed, and he turned into a blur as he dashed toward the martial arts stage. At the same time, Newi, too, transformed into a blur and ran over. Nash lifted his foot to kick the long-haired young man who had fallen to the ground. That was when Newi’s foot collided with Nash’s. A loud explosion echoed. The ground of the martial arts stage shattered. A small stone went through one of the young man’s eyes. Newi retreated three steps before stopping. Nash knelt down, cradling Skadi in his arms to examine her injuries. Her cardiovascular system had been severely damaged, the ribs in her chest were shattered, and she was in critical condition. Nash poured his true energy into Skadi’s heart to stabilize her condition. Nash’s face turned

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