Chapter 221

Olivia was not joking. With the Skyes gone, she became the owner of the Chateau Hotel. Hidden-Ghost Juggernaut was from the Nihon clan. The Chateau Hotel had a rule forbidding any Nihon clan members. The crowd that had gathered quickly dispersed. The martial arts confrontation between the Ihara Martial Arts School and the Hero Martial Arts School went viral on the internet. Due to its student’s lack of martial virtue, the Hero Martial Arts School expelled the student, garnering unanimous praise from netizens. However, there were also many who criticized, thinking Zakariah was making a mountain out of a molehill and was obstinate. All in all, the Hero Martial Arts School preserved its reputation but at a heavy cost. ... At the Baroque branch office, Hera was showing Drake Group’s clients around the production line. Upon seeing the photo and message Helena sent, she felt as if she was struck by lightning. Without even saying goodbye, she rushed to the Hero Martial Arts School i

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