Chapter 222

Kai knew that his grandfather would not harm him. When advised to stay away from Simon, he understood it was for his own good. He did not share a deep friendship with Simon, who merely served as a pawn against Nash. After angering Nash, Kai planned to leave the country temporarily. “When did you get that idea, Kai?” Helena looked at Kai in astonishment. Her face radiated with joy and happiness. She was eager to watch the afternoon boxing match, wanting to see Wanda beat Bianca up. However, the news of Kai taking her on a trip made other events seem insignificant. It was an excellent opportunity to bond with Kai. Kai tilted Helena’s chin and gave her a quick kiss, saying, “I made this decision a while ago. In a few days, there’s an investor meeting for my overseas company. I’ll introduce you to some new friends then.” Duncan swirled his wine and chuckled. “What a coincidence. I’m leaving the country in a few days too, planning to pick up my sister who’s about to graduate.” Du

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