Chapter 223

Kai was all in. Was Duncan still thinking of jumping ship? “Mr. Lane, I’m not like you. My grandfather keeps a tight grip on the finances. I only get 500 to 700 grand as pocket money every month. That's not even enough for my daily expenses. The money I invested with Kai earlier was borrowed from my uncles!” Duncan said with a worried expression. Simon lit a cigarette in silence, understanding the Duersons’ situation. The Duerson family was large, with the patriarch having several sons and even more grandsons. While the other grandsons were studying abroad, only Duncan remained in the country. It was feasible for Duncan to cough up a few hundred thousand to a few million, but 300 million was indeed a stretch. “That’s a pity. We might only get rid of Bianca. However, it'll at least keep Nash and Hera on their toes for a while!” Simon said, feigning regret. “I can lend him the 300 million!” Kai’s eyes reddened, already disregarding Walter’s words. “You don’t need to, Kai. I…” D

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