Chapter 224

Kristian took a fierce swig from the liquor bottle. Zakariah was rendered speechless by Kristian’s words. He knew... Kristian was still resentful about the slap he had received before, especially since he had been driven out of the Zabels in front of everyone. Kristian was right. Zakariah was too concerned about saving face. Martial arts competitions were always about stopping at the right point. However, for the sake of pride, he did not intervene when the Ihara Martial Arts School broke the rules during the first match. Due to his pride, even though he knew the Nihon competitors were ruthless, he allowed Skade to compete. Had he put his pride aside and stopped the competition when the Ihara Martial Arts School broke the rules, Skade would not have participated in the second match and would not have been so gravely injured. At that moment, Nash and Brian came down from upstairs. Everyone’s eyes were immediately on them. Hera stood up and approached them, asking, “Nash... h

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