Chapter 225

The security guard at the entrance was thrown forcefully into the club area. Everyone was startled by this sudden scene. They looked toward the entrance and saw a large group of sturdy men. Leading them was a cold beauty with a high ponytail. She had a pair of black boxing gloves around her neck and was occasionally blowing bubbles with her chewing gum. The people of Neo Power Club began to murmur amongst themselves. “That’s Wanda. She’s quite pretty.” “I heard she was trained by Thorson. After returning to the country, she dominated the Sagen boxing scene in just three months!” “She has a demeanor similar to our Bianca, both are cold-faced beauties.” “Can Bianca beat her?” … “Who is Bianca?” Wanda, leading her group, walked into the club, her icy gaze sweeping over everyone present. Bianca stepped forward. “I’m Bianca.” Wanda spat out her gum. “Let’s start.” Bianca was taken aback. “Here?” Wanda sneered. “And? I don’t want to kill you in front of a crowd. It’d be troub

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