Chapter 226

Neo Power Club fell silent the moment Wanda said that. The effeminate man covered his mouth with one hand. Using the other, he pressed the tip of his middle finger to his thumb and then pointed at the clothes on the muscular man beside him, saying anxiously, "Brother, Wanda is so fierce. Did something happen to Bianca?” The muscles in the muscular man's face twitched slightly. He slapped the man’s hand away and growled. "Don't touch me. It’s disgusting.” Rose walked up to Nash and asked cautiously, "Coach Calcraft, just what does Wanda want?” The majority of Neo Power Club had been present when Bianca took part in the Phoenix Crown Championship. Only the effeminate man had not been there and missed a spectacular match as he was on leave. Nash looked at the two individuals in the octagonal cage and said calmly, "She means to kill Bianca.” Rose frowned at that. “Why won’t you stop her, then?" The club had looked up Wanda's information after Bianca accepted the challenge. After s

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