Chapter 227

He had not forgotten this woman ever since he saw her three years ago at the annual Green Bamboo Association meeting. This was the reason why he took over his grandfather's position as the president of the ninth branch of the Green Bamboo Association. He would have a place in Wanda's heart as long as he achieved something. The Grim-Faced Juggernaut ignored Simon and just smoked on her pipe. On this side, Rose had gotten a chair for Nash. Just when he had taken a seat, the effeminate man sashayed over with an energy drink bottle in his hand, which he handed to Nash. "Thank you,” Nash thanked him politely even though he was somewhat disgusted by him. Nash unscrewed the bottle cap, and it was then that the effeminate man took the bottle back. “Thank you, Nash.” Nash curled his hands into fists but did not strike. Instead, he calmly said, "Don't block my view.” The effeminate man smiled and replied, "Why don’t we get to know each other, Nash? My name is Megan Spinelli.” Nash suppr

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