Chapter 228

Bianca actually knew Mike's moves. Had she also trained under him? Mike had told her that he had never taught others, though! Just when Wanda was distracted, Bianca struck out toward the right side of her face with a left hook again before she could even react. The next three straight punches struck Wanda's chest. They were quick, accurate, and ruthless. They even left after images. The force behind the strikes was immense, and Wanda experienced a surge of turbulence during the fight! The final jab landed on Wanda’s head. If it were not for them wearing gloves, those punches would have been enough to give Wanda a concussion. The King of Fighters, Mike Thorson, had killed many of his opponents with his fists while wearing gloves. "She’s asking for trouble.” The Grim-Faced Juggernaut's expression sank. She got up and went toward the octagonal cage so fast that she appeared by the door in almost the blink of an eye. With withered hands, she then grabbed the iron door. However,

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