Chapter 22

"For the next 30 years, I can kill one person and save one person for the Skye family.” After getting their agreement, Nash hung up the phone. Hera said that there was only one 7nm lithography machine in the entire country, so the Skyes were not lying to him. Lithography machines cost a lot of money. It should not be a loss for him to offer his services in exchange for a lithography machine. At dawn the next day, Harrison knocked on Nash’s room door when it was still early. Nash got up and opened the door, only to hear Harrison say worriedly, "Nashy, my father has woken up..." Seeing Harrison's troubled expression, Nash frowned slightly. "How is the old man?" Expression mournful, Harrison replied, “He seems… He seems to have lost some of his memories..." Nash sighed. "The spread of his cancer was quite serious, and some of it even got into his brain. Part of the brain nerves will be damaged with the removal of the cancer, but his condition shouldn’t be too serious. Even if it’

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